18 Luxurious Mediterranean Residences That Will Boost Your Motivation

The Mediterranean design style is considered the ultimate melting pot because of its composition of styles that come from many different countries along the Mediterranean Sea. All of those countries have their own culture which makes this style a very broad style. It travels between Greece, Italy, France, Spain and the rest of the countries touching the Mediterranean Sea and it picks up the unique influences from each of them. It is not difficult to distinguish the French elegance, Spanish flamboyance or Moorish grace when you take a look at a Mediterranean residence. 

The Mediterranean style is a trip. Its a trip abroad without having to leave your house because it carries a strong sense of place and exotic promise from the place it originates.
The Mediterranean style features warm colors inspired by the landscape. Its palette draws from the land and the sea and uses soft colors that blend in with the bolder ones for an interesting contrast.
Surfaces in this style are usually textured or have tiles laid all over.
From metals, this style can offer you the use of bronze, copper, wrought iron or any other deep-toned metal which can be found in fences, railings and light fixtures.

During the past week and more, we have been doing our best to cover the entire Mediterranean residential style and have already done so with the interior which features the kitchen,bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, kids’ room, home office, staircase and entranceFrom the outdoor designs, you can check out the porch,landscape, deck, patio and swimming pool
Today, we are going to wrap up the entire showcase of the Mediterranean design with a new collection of 18 Luxurious Mediterranean Residences That Will Boost Your Motivation. Enjoy!

Parkland Estate

Mirabel Estate

Villa Argentiera


Silverleaf Lot 3211

Mediterranean Residence


A taste of Tuscany in La Jolla

Virginia Way – La Jolla, CA

Ibiza House

Beach Mediterranean

Maison Ouest Lyonnais

Hacienda de Oran

Mediterranean Lighthouse Point Residence

Luxury Mediterranean Residence Exterior

Marlboro Road

Palos Verdes Estates Spanish Colonial Revival

Italian Villa


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