16 Stylish Mediterranean Staircase Designs For Your Daily Dose Of Elegance

The Mediterranean design style is known for its grandiose structures and large interior spaces no matter what type of room it is applied on. This means that even an area such as the staircase and hallway, which are most commonly small spaces between the rooms, will appear as a space which is bigger than needed. But with this style, you also get something else when applied to the staircase. You get a majestic looking piece of art right in the center of your home. And you will love it because you have to use it multiple times during the day which means that you’ll be able to enjoy it quite often. The Mediterranean staircase design will also take care of the surrounding hallway by turning into something that you might think came out of a palace.

The reason that beautifully designed staircases such as the Mediterranean staircase are often surprising to people is because most people just take the staircase in their home for granted. But what they don’t understand is that the staircase is not just a link between two levels in your home. It is a major design feature that can turn an ordinary entrance into an elegant grand entrance for example. In fact, the staircase will probably end up being more used than some other room on a daily basis.
Even though the staircase design is mostly generic in most of the homes, it can help to define the style of the entire home as well as be a showcase for the decor. Simple things such as the staircase design, railing and color can update the overall look very easily.

Welcome to our latest interior design collection from the Mediterranean design style showcase. In this new collection, we have featured 16 Stylish Mediterranean Staircase Designs For Your Daily Dose Of Elegance which will hopefully show you what keeps together all of the other rooms in our Mediterranean design style lineup which consists of the kitchen,bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, kids’ room and home office. Enjoy!

Coronado Residence

FA House

French Retreat

Mediterranean Staircase

Mediterranean Estate in Rancho Santa Fe

West Winding Way – Malibu

Darling Point

South of France

Calm Showhouse

Villa Del Cerro Santa Ana by the Canaday Group

Ojai Hillside

Todi Villa

61st Avenue


Spanish delight

Mediterranean Staircase


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