17 Exquisite Mediterranean Living Room Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The Mediterranean design style, just like its name suggests, originates from the areas around the Mediterranean sea which kinda gives it a couple of sub-styles which include the Moroccan, Spanish, Tuscan, Italian, French, Southwestern and more. The foundation of this design style lays in the warm and rich textures which are accompanied by materials such as iron, colorful or patterned tiles as well as rustic wood. Arched windows and bright and colorful textiles are also well-known Mediterranean style features.
As seen before in our collections of 15 Remarkable Mediterranean Kitchen Designs That Will Inspire You, 17 Astounding Mediterranean Bathroom Designs That Are Sparkling With Elegance and 17 Sensational Mediterranean Bedroom Designs You’ll Instantly Fall In Love Withthe Mediterranean residences are grandiose structures that resemble palatial spaces which be as homey as a traditional home.

The Mediterranean living room interior design is the perfect way to notice the true beauty and scale of the Mediterranean design style. Even though it is just a room where you can enjoy a movie or a sports event with your family or entertain guests, you will never be short on space. It is also the perfect choice for reading or doing some homework. It will always offer coziness and warmth provided by the beautiful sight of the fireplace.

Welcome to our latest collection from the showcase of the Mediterranean design style. In this new interior design collection, we have featured 17 Exquisite Mediterranean Living Room Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop. If inspiration and motivation is what you are looking for, then there’s no better way to get that done other than by seeing these majestic designs of Mediterranean living rooms. Enjoy!

Mediterranean Living Room

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Breakaway Park

Coronado Residence

Mirabel Estate

House in Rhodope Mountains

Living Room

Casa Rustica, Mallorca, 2015

6 Sunset Harbor

Mediterranean Living Room in Glendale, CA


Santa Monica Classic Spanish Colonial Family Home

Casa frente al puerto de Sitges

Olivenhain Residence

Waterfront Residence

Ca Mattei

Haute décor


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