15 Stunning Mediterranean Porch Designs For The Ultimate Enjoyment

Nowadays, the porch is not getting the attention it deserves but generations ago, it was the living room of the home. The porch was considered the social spot in which people would chat with their neighbors or just chill out outside during the hot summer days while watching over their kids as they play in the front yard. The true meaning of enjoying on the porch meant that people would relax on a porch swing with a cold glass of lemonade.
But as time and technology moves forward, the porch was left off thanks to the air conditioning that can now make your home interior to feel as cold as you want it to, so there is no real need to use a porch. But the porch is more than just a room to cool off. It is now making a comeback as people have realized that it is not the same to cool down inside with the A/C or outside, enjoying the beautiful sight and breeze.

When you have a Mediterranean home, the porch is even more important because it lets you enjoy the beauty of your home’s design as well as the grandiose backyard and garden. This is exactly what we want to show you in this new collection of 15 Stunning Mediterranean Porch Designs For The Ultimate Enjoyment. In the images below, you are going to be able to see stunning design of Mediterranean porches which can offer you a place to have a cup of coffee, read a book or simply enjoy the view.

Mexican Hacienda

Outdoor Spaces

Casa del Porche de Piedra

Mediterranean-Inspired Villa

Private villa Côte d’Azur

Casa en Ibiza

Hillside Residence

Mediterranean Porch

Hilltop Villa

Iron Bluff

Hollywood Dell Mediterranean

Windsor Residence

Lake Residence

Hillside Residence Front Porch

Villa at Mediterranean Sea


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