17 Awe-Inspiring Mediterranean Pools That Will Give You More Than Enough Inspiration

Imagine it’s summer time and the sun is shining, making you feel very warm. What would be the best thing to do in this situation in order to get some refreshment? Can you imagine anything else other than jumping in your own, backyard swimming pool? That’s right, its the best thing to do in summer.
Even though a swimming pool might be seen as a luxury, it can serve many functions which often makes it worth its price. If you have the ability to build your own swimming pool in your backyard or garden, then you shouldn’t think twice about it. It is not just a nice place to cool off, it can be the reason to invite your friends over, or the reason to host a backyard party. If it is a smaller swimming pool, you can create your private spa just by adding a colorful backsplash or a water feature that will add visual interest to your backyard.

Depending on the location, the swimming pool can be a great investment. If you live in a place where the summer is hot and the winters are mild, a backyard pool will increase the value of your home as well as provide new ways of enjoyment to you. If you live on a colder place, you can still have your own pool but you might have to consider making it an indoor swimming pool or you can replace it with a hot tub or spa since you’ll be able to use more if the cold weather is more frequent.

The Mediterranean pool designs that we are going to show off in this new collection of 17 Awe-Inspiring Mediterranean Pools That Will Give You More Than Enough Inspiration are going to make your jaw hit the floor.
Just as every other design from the Mediterranean style so far, such as the porch, landscape, deck and patio, the swimming pool also shares the luxury and elegance of the style. It is more than the perfect choice for any backyard. Enjoy!

The New Villa

Villa Pisano

Coronado Residence


West Fountain

Villa Argentiera

Pool Fountain

Marwood on the Potomac

Deía, Mallorca

St. Kitts Project

Mediterranean Pool

Casa porcho

Florida Historic Renovation

Blue Haven

Outdoor Spaces

Luxury Mediterranean Pool



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