X Ways to Redesign Your Home for Summer

A home redesign can be a major project for most homeowners. It can require layout changes or maybe simple redecorating. With Summer around the corner, most homeowners are looking to change their space around. Some people are looking to change their home completely and purchase a new space because they need an entirely different look.

X Ways to Redesign Your Home for Summer

Whether you’re looking for a new place to live or a

For homeowners:

1.Change your furniture layout

Has your space ever had the perfect feng shui? If you don’t know what feng shui is, it is the practice of looking at our space and the working environment to strike a balance between it and the natural world. For a more concrete view of this ancient practice, feng shui, they encourage that you use the five important elements of earth, wood, metal, water, and fire in each room.

If you’re struggling to figure out how that could look in each room, consider smaller items you can place in your home that reflect this idea. Maybe you have a candle in your bedroom, a wood bed frame, a mirror with metal trimming, a small plant or flowers, and a small, decorative tabletop water fountain. You can find any of these items at your local home goods store or on Amazon.

2.Re-decorate your porch

Have you gotten new pillows, coverings, or a rug for your porch? Since it’ll be summertime, you’ll probably want to use this space for family dinners and special Summer occasions. It could be the most utilized space this summer for your home and you’ll want it to be a space that your family will want to be.

To make your space more livable and re-make it for the new season, you should consider getting new items to bring it to life. Consider getting different coverings for your couch or chairs outdoors to match each other, get special pillows, or maybe a new rug to match the outdoor furniture. Maybe get special holders for your citronella candles to keep bugs away when you’re sitting outside at night.

3.Paint your rooms a new color

Does your bedroom or any of your house not get a lot of sunlight and looks very dark all the time? Consider painting it a new, bright color to let in and soak up that bright, Summer sun. Not only will it brighten up the space, but make it look more spacious and inviting for anyone to go in.

You can choose from an array of summer colors like a bright canary yellow accent wall, or maybe a baby blue. There’s always the option of white walls that reflect sunlight very well. If you do choose to go with white walls, consider getting a bright colored rug like an aquamarine or turquoise that brings in that Summer, beach glow.

For homebuyers:

1.Tell your realtor more about your ideal space

When looking for a new space, let your realtor know the type of space you’re looking to walk into when you move in. Do you want it to be a whole remodel or do you want it to be an easy move-in with simply adding the details that make your home more your style?

If you’re just in the beginning of your search, you should ask your realtor for a homebuyers guide to make the experience easier for you. They can help you budget, negotiate, and make the process easier to purchase a home with less stress. You want to work with people who know what they’re doing so that you have the best experience possible.

2.Invision your ideal new space

When you began imagining buying your first home, did you picture the type of space you’d live in or where it would be located? If you didn’t, ask your realtor for some options to look at with your budget in mind.

However, if you did have an idea, definitely point out some hard ‘no’s’ and ‘yes’s’ in your search. Do you want a patio or porch for the summer months? Can you easily replace things in the home like painting, countertops, etc? It depends on what you’ve budgeted for that will help you decide in the end what are things that really will define your home buying experience.

3.Take dimensions to account for your vision

If you had always imagined a huge home, but could only afford a smaller home or condo, you might have to consider some things in your current space that need to be accounted for.

For example, if you’re moving from a larger space to a smaller space, you may want to take into consideration what you already have that is worth keeping that will fit into your new space. Do you really need 12 large paintings for your home, or can you live with only keeping half of them? Do you need that extra bedroom set or can you get rid of your current one to keep this new furniture?

These are some things to consider, whether you’re staying put at home this summer or you’re moving to a new home. There are a lot of things to consider, such as if you want to keep these new painted walls beyond this summer or if there are some things you absolutely need for your new space.

Both of these transitions to a new season or a new home can be a big change for most. But always remember to make it fun and thoughtfully think about what is going to make your space more your style.


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