Hardwood Flooring Ideas for Different Rooms and Latest Trends

Hardwood flooring is the ultimate luxury investment for your house, so you want to do it correctly. Hardwood flooring is a timeless and traditional option for any house, adding warmth, character, and value to any space. However, selecting the best kind of hardwood flooring is difficult thus if you’re debating between laminate and hardwood flooring. The following hardwood flooring ideas and the best installation and diverse flooring needs with personalized solutions by Eko Flooring are meant to serve as inspiration. Find out which rooms in your house might benefit most from hardwood flooring by reading on.

Hardwood Flooring Ideas

The Living Room:

Hardwood floors are the best choice for the living room, which gets the center of attention in a house. It offers an ambiance-gets cozy and pleasant and goes well with various interior design themes. Because the living room usually sees a lot of foot activity, consider hardwood or engineered wood like oak, maple, or cherry for longevity.

Instead of going with hardwood floors, think about installing engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood has less expansion and contraction and gets lacquered with an eco-friendly finish. Conversely, hardwood frequently has PU or melamine coatings, which have the potential to emit formaldehyde.

Hardwood flooring in the kitchen:

The kitchen is the focal point of any house, so it needs flooring moisture-resistant, simple to clean, and long-lasting. Customers prefer hardwood flooring for their kitchens due to its durability and natural character. For the longest-lasting hardwood floor finish, choose a brushed and lacquered surface. The engineered structure is water resistant.

Consider installing engineered hardwood flooring with an additional protective layer to withstand spills and moisture. The hardwood floor may be damp cleaned using a mop that has been thoroughly wrung out and frequently swept or vacuumed.

Hardwood flooring in bedrooms:

Wood flooring in bedrooms receives less traffic than in the home’s major reception areas, allowing you to be more flexible regarding the sort of hardwood floor you install in the bedroom with the personalized solutions from Eko Flooring. Remember that you will probably be walking barefoot in this area, so going with a natural-feeling floor finish like hard-wax oil would be perfect.

Choose warm, welcoming wood flooring, such as light or natural-colored oak, to give your bedroom charm and warmth. The oak’s inherent beauty will do this. Bedrooms with light oak, white-washed, and warm grey wood floors are popular.

Hardwood flooring for bathroom:

Because of the moisture and humidity levels in the bathroom, installing hardwood flooring is difficult; thus, if you want hardwood flooring in the bathroom, you must use an engineered board structure.

Why must the flooring be engineered wood? Stable board construction is necessary to maintain a level floor in bathrooms since moisture levels can fluctuate quickly.

Don’t let this put you off the notion of installing hardwood flooring in the bathroom; it can get done if you keep the bathroom aired and apply an additional layer of a protective top finish to your floor for increased water resistance.

Hardwood flooring in the entrance hall:

Hardwood flooring, as we’ve already discussed, adds a warm, inviting vibe to any room, making it the ideal choice for creating a welcome entry to your house. Installing a sizable coir natural fiber rug can assist in keeping your hardwood floor clean by collecting dirt and moisture from the outside.

For kitchen hardwood flooring choose a low-care product like a brushed and lacquered finish. An alternative floor finish is hard-wax oil. The best possible appearance of the hardwood floor finish requires an annual maintenance application.

A brushed and lacquered finish is what I usually suggest to clients when they ask which type of hardwood flooring is ideal for dogs since little dings are less noticeable, and the textured surface keeps the flooring from becoming slippery.

Hardwood flooring for stairs:

Wood staircases make a stunning statement, especially when finished with a stair runner for the ultimate designer effect.

Standard stairs typically have one connection on the tread; having more than one join makes the tread appear cluttered. Standard steps are covered in a bullnose stair profile and broad hardwood plank flooring.

Modern bespoke stairs are formed of a single, solid piece of hardware and are intended for designs with glass balustrades or floating staircases.

Popular Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Delightful Chevron and Herringbone Designs

Hardwood flooring patterns like chevron and herringbone will be strongly returning in 2024. These intricate and remarkable designs have a timeless appeal that elevates any space. A herringbone wood plank arrangement may add a classy and eye-catching style to living areas, dining rooms, and even bedrooms. Contrarily, the V-shaped pattern of Chevron radiates a sense of dynamic energy.

These patterns enable homeowners to experiment with the direction and flow of their flooring, resulting in a compelling focal point. The plain white oak or a rich, dark wood species will still look elegant and luxurious in your home design when combined with the herringbone and chevron patterns. Their unique approach to conventional wood flooring has made them especially well-liked in modern and transitional house designs.

Elegant Minimalism with Light Wood

A minimalist elegance-embodied style, light wood flooring is expected to become more popular in 2024. Richness gets added to any living area by the soft, subtle tones of wood like birch, maple, or oak. Its capacity to make spaces feel light and spacious is one of light wood flooring’s main advantages.

Light wood’s soft tones reflect light from the outside world, enhancing the feeling of calm and freshness in your house. Light wood floors also make a flexible surface for your home design projects. Light wood flooring gives you many options for decorating and customizing your living space, embodying minimalist elegance by lighting and opening up areas.

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

In 2024, wide plank hardwood flooring will become more and more popular. The individual planks on these floors are broader than on standard thin planks, and the overall look of the flooring is significantly affected by this variation in width. More of the wood’s inherent variety and texture gets seen in the broader boards.

Wide plank hardwood flooring is flexible and appropriate for home and business environments. They can be left unfinished to give them an enhanced character-rich look or polished to show them a sleek, contemporary appearance. Hardwood flooring with wide planks will leave a big impression and provide your interior design with a solid basis, regardless of your style.


Hardwood flooring is a flexible and timeless choice that can add value and personality to any space in your house. Consider the room’s style, use, and traffic patterns while selecting the ideal hardwood flooring. One may create a long-lasting, cozy, and welcoming ambiance in your house with these hardwood flooring ideas.


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