Wonderful Models of Pink Sofa You’re About to Love

Have you ever thought about having a pink sofa in your living room?

The color is not the most popular when it comes to sofa, but it certainly has the potential to cause that WOW effect in the decoration.

Let’s start this post by clarifying one thing: pink is not a girl’s color!

Although color has been widely used as a reference to the female universe, nowadays pink tones have proved to be very versatile, helping to create neutral and super elegant compositions. But of course, if you bet on a pink Barbie sofa, the decor will be cliché and doll-like.

Therefore, the tip for not getting it wrong is to invest in a pink sofa in light tones or in more closed and dark tones. The rest of the environment also needs to be well planned so as not to fall into the stereotype of pink. Avoid abusing the overlap between white and pink, for example, and give preference to a modern and sophisticated color palette (we’ll show you some ideas right away).

Influence of pink on emotions

All colors have an influence on emotions and the perception of space, whether you like it or not. This is a fact that even science has proven. So, what can we expect from pink? Pink is the color of love (don’t confuse it with passion, that’s the task of red).

The pink brings a feeling of warmth and affection to the heart. It is the color of brotherly love, selfless love, romanticism. Beauty, delicacy, tenderness, and ingenuity are also characteristics attributed to pink. Maybe that’s why the color is so related to the feminine. But if used in excess, pink can cause a feeling of childishness, immaturity, and lack of seriousness.

That is why it is always so important to know how to balance the use of colors and bet on the most appropriate tone for your environment.

See below the decorating ideas with a pink sofa:










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