How to Make Your Home Instagram-worthy

Social media has allowed us all an intimate glance into other people’s lives. The platform focuses on aesthetics and encourages us to show our best side. This includes everything, from our social life to our bedrooms. The average consumer has become so obsessed with house tours that there are Instagram accounts and Youtube channels set up specifically for this purpose. The idea is that our homes can look as clean as pristine as a picture on an interior design magazine cover, and they are not wrong. Here are a few simple tips on making your home look as photogenic as a showroom.

How to Make Your Home Instagram-worthy

Clean up

It goes without saying that clutter will only make your home look unappealing. Investing in hidden cabinets that complement the rest of the room will make for great storage space as well as hide any miscellaneous items that would naturally lie around your coffee table or living area. Putting away your cables and loose objects such as remote controls or putting them in a designated area such as a rustic bowl or a flat stone can elevate the aesthetics of the room. Everything can be a decorative item, if stored correctly. Remember the graduation caps that lined the Cullen’s wall in Twilight?

Make an Insta-worthy spot

Whether it’s the whimsical garden furniture in your courtyard or the coolest vintage sports car sitting on your porch, you know you’ve got something gorgeous when people want to take photos there too. A polished bar would also look good. But don’t just about anything in your home in an attempt to make it look cool. Less is always more, and think about the overall theme. If you have a bachelor pad, a bar would look great with neon lights. If it’s a family home, probably a cosy daybed or patio area would make more sense.

How to Make Your Home Instagram-worthy

Lighting is everything

Natural light is your best filter and good lighting can make any photo ten times better than it would look in shoddy lighting. Allowing ample lighting into your living quarters will make it look ten times better. But this also ties into your theme. If you have a cosy warm vibe going on, you don’t want to ruin it with harsh afternoon light. If you can’t get natural light into your room, think about what kind of lighting works best. Spotlights for your closet or fluorescent lights? Edison bulbs can work great in the dining area if you’re going for a cabin feel. But you don’t want to contradict your airy living room with these same bare fittings.

Tie everything together with a theme

Some people want a little bit of everything. An Edwardian living area with a Balinese foyer. That is all good and fine, but if you have a bit of everything in each room, it might start looking a bit cluttered and we learned that clutter is never good. You want to keep it clean and precise. Know exactly what you have in mind and don’t allow external factors to influence your home.


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