18 Inspirational Ideas Of Hidden Lighting For Dramatic Atmosphere

Lighting at first glance seems like an easy job: dock lights, click the button and everything is ready! But some errors in lighting can cause a comfortable room to become uncomfortable. Lighting is very important component in the overall impression and the correct layout of the lighting fixtures will correct almost all the shortcomings of the apartment. The lights are small things that can make a drastic change to your space.

Choosing the appropriate design for each lamp can make a wonderful twist to the design of each room. They are more than just jewelry at home, they are part of your basic needs. Sometimes lamps are not enough to provide the light needed, especially in hallways or under cabinetry.  The Night Angel is a lighted outlet cover that can help illuminate these hard to reach areas. It is important to find the right lighting for every room. The choice of lighting in our homes often comes down to improving the decoration of the space, and the addition of a cozy atmosphere. The lights which can be regulated are essential for any home. They allow you to control the light at night, during the day for certain events and according to your mood.

There is one more option if you want to make dramatic atmosphere. You can opt for hidden lighting. The lighting fixtures are hidden, and all you can see is the light which is emitted. You can set this kind of lighting in every part of your home. If you don’t have any idea how to do that, check out below, and you will see many inspirational ideas!


Image via Rachel Lewis


Image via Jim Schmid Photography


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Image via Yoshihiro Koitani


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