Can You Imagine Your Bathroom in Wood?

It is often thought that putting wood in the bathroom is a bad idea because it can swell and deteriorate with the ambient humidity of the room. However, once water-repellent and protected, wood no longer fears anything and it can bring a lot to your bathroom.

What is interesting about this material is that it is very warm. No need to put it everywhere to warm the atmosphere. Some wooden objects can bring heat and break the neutral effect of the bathroom. Wood immediately gives a personal side to a decor. And even more so in the bathroom, because you don’t necessarily expect it. As in all rooms of the house, we can also play with the type of wood essence to perfect its decor. Lightwood for a Scandinavian bathroom. Or, a darker and raw wood for an industrial side.

You have a wide choice to bring wood to your bathroom. From floor to ceiling, you can always find a place for it. We see it more and more in the form of laminate parquet since the appearance of special bathroom ranges. For a few years now, there have also been tiles that take on the dimensions, grain, and colors of the wood. Wood can also be found in furniture. A quick way to bring a warm touch to the room, without doing a complete renovation of the bathroom. By furniture, we mean the vanity unit, but also the shelves, the storage units. It can also be the door: a pretty sliding wooden door for a contemporary effect. Finally, we can bring a woody touch to the bathroom thanks to the accessories: grating, towel rack, trash can, mirror.

Here are some ideas of wood in the bathroom:










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