An Apartment Full Of Elegance To Inspire You

This superb apartment is located in the heart of Stockholm, whose moldings, beautiful high ceilings, and herringbone parquet floors are reminiscent of the Parisian decoration that we love so much.

The elegance that emanates from it is such that we want to immerse ourselves in this interior, to curl up in the hollow of this sofa never to leave it again.

Living rooms

With its two huge arched windows, the living room is a bright room where life is good. Space is not very big, but the faux white covering the walls makes the room definitely cozy.
Access to the dining room is through a double door. A black wooden table is enthroned on a Berber-style carpet, and walnut chairs paired with a tinted mirror immediately add warmth.

The kitchen

With its beautiful surface, the kitchen is a room that smells of conviviality. The solid wood table is certainly indicative of good times spent with family or friends.
On the decorative side, you can’t resist the gilded brass handles and the terribly elegant marble splashback.

The beautiful decor ideas to remember from this apartment

An Apartment Full Of Elegance To Inspire You


Go for a slightly grayish-white on the walls. This slight shade will highlight the pure white while creating an enveloping atmosphere. You can also paint the frames in black or white, to create even more contrast!

Choose dark rods and light curtains, for a graphic but elegant side.

And finally, think about varying the light points in the living rooms: pendant lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp… You can never have too many lights!








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