The Romantic and Contemporary Parisian Apartment of your dreams by Anne-Sophie Pailleret

Let us tell you the story about this romantic and surprising Parisian apartment, that was designed by Anne-Sophie Pailleret. The thing is that it was designed for the refuge for a financier from London, so the eclectic design has been such a welcoming option. She did the job even more than excellent, by giving the clients the home of their dreams. Literally, she translated the taste of the clients and made this elegant space blooming.

The famous French interior designer and long-time assistant of Jean-Louis Deniot was on the pages of a magazine, where the clients found her work. They were mesmerized by her harmonious dwelling, that was embellished with furnishing with a strong personality. Can you imagine the coincidence? They matched their own personal style and were ready to work with her. Sometimes it’s just enough to know that you found the right people to work with. How old sayings say, everything else will follow. All of this actually happened, and you are about to look at the gallery of photos with the interior decor done.

Just imagine all the classic interiors in a mix with luxurious details. How does that sound to you? To us, this is the perfect combination! Those luxurious details are in gray, gold and pink, which are exquisite pieces of limited edition furniture. Also, there is an accent gray shade in the door portals! A lot of details going on, just follow us. Now is the one in the living room, with legs in a bird’s paw, that is signed by Meret Oppenheim. In case you don’t know she is a muse of Surrealism, Man Ray’s favorite model and author of eccentric visionary.

In this home, every single piece is one of a kind; a true family legacy! So, according to the interior designer one interior must have a soul. First, it has to have some unexpected, then some capricious components. And now, this is the final result. Enjoy it!


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