Bright Panoramic Penthouse in Kazan by Ekaterina Fedorovskaya

Project: Panoramic Penthouse
Architects: Ekaterina Fedorovskaya
Location: Kazan, Russia
Area: 1,356 sf
Photographs by: Sergey Krasyuk

Panoramic Penthouse by Ekaterina Fedorovskaya

Perched on the 20th floor of a modern residential complex in Kazan, this penthouse offers sweeping panoramic views of the city’s historic heart. Upon encountering Ekaterina Fedorovskaya’s elegant designs in the lobby and common areas, the family was so captivated that they commissioned her to design their private 126 m² apartment.

“The owners, a couple with grown children, exude a delightful and open spirit, embodying family values and a fervent passion for travel”, the interior designer reflects. “Their primary wish was for a minimalist design that brings light and space, paired with ample storage.”

Within the penthouse, initially presented with mere basic finishes, the author of the project masterfully reimagined the layout. The living and dining areas, covering 48m², are thoughtfully separated yet retain a feeling of expansiveness, bolstered by lofty 3.15m ceilings and clever zoning strategies. A standout feature is the innovative TV area with its bio-fireplace encased in glass — a testament to the designer’s ingenuity.

Ekaterina’s approach to storage combines discretion with capacity: she ingeniously incorporated a disruptive structural column into a utility block. Nearby, a service area houses a laundry, expansive storage for bulk items, and additional refrigeration and wine storage, catering to the owners’ collection of select spirits. This arrangement preserves the overall lightness and orderliness of the space.

The master bedroom exemplifies the concept of ‘floating’ decor with its unobtrusively designed shelves and bed, complemented by fine metal furniture details, creating an airy and cohesive atmosphere. A significant mother-of-pearl framed mirror enhances this effect, multiplying the light and giving the illusion of an additional window.

Originally, the plan featured a compact master bathroom, which was expanded by removing a guest restroom and the office bathroom, allowing for both a separate bathtub and shower cabin, including the desired round mirror.

All furniture, including bathroom fixtures, office desk, cabinets, wall panels, wardrobes, kitchen units, bar, and living room storage, was custom-designed to Ekaterina Fedorovskaya’s specifications. The surfaces are finished in a matte oak veneer, introducing a warm, refined touch to the interior. “The family cherishes a significant book collection, a legacy of the client’s father, a noted Tatarstan writer. I designed a multifunctional cabinet that melds a bar with a library, perfectly integrating into the living room to house these treasured volumes,” the interior designer comments.

For the clients’ daughter, a high school senior living at home, her room was styled in a neutral palette to double as an office or guest space as needed. In the smaller child’s room, innovative ‘floating’ lighted cabinets were installed, subtly blending into the decor. The light-toned furniture, warm veneer panels, and strategic use of mirrors further enhance the sense of space.

Designs by studio EF+A consistently blend minimalist aesthetics with functional solutions, epitomizing a philosophy where simplicity meets sophistication.

-Project description and photographs provided by Elena Grabar Agency


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