Copper House by Rhyme in Moscow, Russia

Project: Copper House
Architects: Rhyme
Location: Moscow, Russia
Area: 839 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Rhyme

Copper House by Rhyme

“Copper House” is a 78 square meter apartment in Moscow. Rhyme wanted to maximize the potential inherent to the architecture of this apartment. It has many advantages. The first is high ceilings. The second is panoramic windows, located quite densely – many windows for one room. Rhyme wanted to open the space as much as possible and let natural light into the apartment.

The flat is quite small, but there is everything you need: a large kitchen-living room, a small hallway, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. Rhyme made the interior, thought out and worked out to the smallest details, but at the same times there is no feeling of “polishing” in it, in the bad meaning of the word “done”.

There is an element of randomness and lightness in it. Working on the palette of this apartment, Rhyme followed this logic: the most concentrated color part, the most contrasting, bright color part is concentrated in the living room area, and gradually, towards the bedrooms, the interior becomes calmer. Considering the fact that the presence of color in the interior was an important wish of the client, the sofa area is made in almost opposite contrasting colors.

There is a red-mustard sofa, a turquoise carpet, that was made according to Rhyme’s design specifically for this living room. It has a complex shape, a complex relief and a complex color. The burgundy armchair complements an unusual color combination. There is a chair with a pattern similar to a fir tree next to it, and a marble stand with burgundy veins. And all this culminates in a huge round mirror of Christophe Gagnon in electric blue color.

There is no dining table in this apartment, because the customer didn’t really need it. But there is a beautiful small island table where you can have a quick snack or breakfast. It was quite difficult to work with the kitchen, because quartzite is a capricious material and practically does not lend itself to repolishing or restoration.

The use of such quartzite made this small kitchen really spectacular. The bedroom has more restrained colors. There are also interesting items that are made according to Rhyme’s sketches in the bedroom: a carpet, a console table, a stand made of stone. And an important design feature of this room is that in order to keep two windows in one room, Rhyme did not make a separate dressing room and placed wardrobes along the wall in which they made a passage to the bathroom.

A free-standing sink is installed in the master’s bathroom, delicately hidden with the necessary part behind the mirrored facades and a long Agape mixer tap. With the overal simplicity of the project, so restrained, Rhyme paid special attention to the details: handles, switches, carvings on doors. All these were developed according to proportions, dosage and materials. When working on any project, a very light feeling remained – the feeling of work in one breath, from the start to the end.

-Project description and images provided by Rhyme


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