5 Patterned Wallpapers for the Dining Room

Why use patterned wallpaper in the dining room?

There are different reasons why you can use patterned wallpaper in your dining room. First, it may be a matter of taste, you prefer wallpaper to paint. There is also the idea of ​​strategic choice. Let us explain: if you want to create a specific atmosphere in your dining area and one of the codes of which is the pattern, wallpaper is a great ally. For example, of urban jungle atmospheres with tropical motifs or even Art Deco atmospheres with specific motifs which it would be tedious to reproduce in painting. Finally, patterned wallpaper is an interesting way to decorate and bring dynamism to a slightly dull wall.

Effect of materials on the dining room wall

The materials are omnipresent in the decoration even if we pay little attention to it. And if you want to play with textures, wallpaper can be an interesting ally to consider for your decorating project. For example, if you want an industrial atmosphere, we will use a wallpaper whose pattern will take up the idea of ​​metal. It is also possible to just create a wood/metal contrast that will create charm and intensity in your living room.

A trendy, feminine and vegetal atmosphere in the dining room

This wallpaper incorporates many trendy decor codes currently. It is about plant patterns with tropical leaves of all sizes. But the pink background sends us back to an elegant and feminine atmosphere. A touch of sweetness that goes perfectly with the green of the plants. I find it a nice alternative to tropical wallpaper on a white background and you don’t lose brightness and clarity.

Geometry to dress up the dining room

Geometric wallpaper has been part of the decor scene for a few years now and it never stops evolving. Even if the simple patterns bring dynamism to the wall, we can prefer them a little more worked and complex patterns. They are not necessarily much heavier visually speaking but they bring a touch of elegance much more pronounced than a triangle or square pattern. And if we associate the geometry with a dark color we are right on-trend.

Natural elegance with the dining room wallpaper

We end this selection with a wallpaper that combines refinement and nature. The twig motif is simple enough not to overload the decoration of your dining room walls and the deep green gives it an elegant look. We are in a dynamic of natural simplicity which is timeless. This wallpaper blends perfectly with wooden furniture or even neutral colors.

A little vintage look thanks to the dining room wallpaper

What is interesting with the wallpaper is that it allows having a motif in our decoration, and more particularly repetitive motifs. The result is more complicated to obtain with paint for example. And the motif can refer to the ’70s. At that time, the patterns were simplified and borrowed with a certain softness thanks to the curves. And to avoid sinking into too vintage, just take the pattern with more contemporary colors.


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