10 Eye-Catching Dining Rooms with Wonderful Floral Wallpaper

In recent years the trending wallpapers that re-surged with open arms by the interior industry are here to steal our hearts. The floral wallpapers can be soft, bold or delicate, but depending on the design they can be both bold and delicate at the same time. With all of the inspirational ideas we have collected for you, you will definitely get inspired to inject some personality into your home! This lovely trend is here to stay so here are the most beautiful floral wallpaper ideas for your dining room.

1. Complementary Colors

The traditional dining room on the photo above is bright and bold thanks to the chinoiserie floral wallpaper that creates all the buzz.

2. Light Vs. Dark

The interesting wallpaper contrasts a dark background with a white pattern that contains tree branches, flowers and birds.

3. Inspired by Nature

The wallpaper itself tells a story here. You can see the trees growing upward toward the ceiling as orange and pink flowers that blossom along its branches.

4. Dark Accents

Molly Culver Photography

As you can see this dining room looks like a farmhouse-style dining room that features a black floral wallpaper design along with the dark wood dining chairs and the natural wood dining table.

5. Go for Gold

Durston Saylor

This dining room is all about the gold! You can spot the gold from the glistening wallpaper to the sparkling tabletop decor.

6. Beach Vibes

What else but a floral soft wallpaper in a bright beach home!

7. Soothing Style

This delicate and soft wallpaper has been used so it can create a space that feels more calming and relaxing.

8. Floor-to-Ceiling Floral

The floral accents are taking over this breakfast room and it goes from the carpet and dining room chairs to the wallpaper and chandelier.

9. Simple Elegance

The simple patterns on the wallpaper and the neutral tones create a beautiful and traditional space.

10. Creative Color

Look at the shades of gold that are totally complementing the blue dining room chairs and the hot pink centerpieces in this room.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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