Tricks for Ironing Tablecloths and Disinfecting Them With Steam

Ironing tablecloths is not always easy, but with a little skill and patience, you can achieve excellent results. A well-ironed tablecloth speaks volumes about taking care of your home. It is important to have the ideal iron, which will make the task easier.


This way you get fast and very effective ironing. Take note!

  • Before you start, check that the iron is clean.
  • Use an ironing board with a heat reflective base, which reflects the heat towards the garment, and the ironing time decreases.
  • The tablecloth and napkins iron best if they are slightly wet.
  • Iron with steam and medium temperature.
  • First iron on the wrong side and if the table linen is light in color (white, beige, bone …). Then also on the right to enhance the shine. If it is dark in color, iron only on the wrong side.
  • Pass the iron in a straight line, without making circles, in the same direction as the threads of the tablecloth.
  • When initials or drawings are embroidered, place a thick white towel on the ironing board and the tablecloth on top. Iron on the wrong side so that the embroidery takes on volume and does not get squashed. Then turn it over and iron everything, but around, never above the embroidery.
  • When ironing very large tablecloths, stand next to a table and roll up the ironed part at the same time to avoid wrinkling.
  • Get them out early. Check the tablecloths in advance, because it is common to find creases from the fold if they have been stored for a long time.
  • Be careful when saving. Do not store tablecloths in plastic bags, cardboard boxes, or in contact with wood. They cause yellow spots.


In addition to the aesthetic reason is the most important reason today: hygienic and health care. Applying steam from brushes and steam generators to fabrics eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and germs. It is a quick and simple gesture that sanitizes and disinfects all garments and clothing. from home, for your safety and that of your family. 


There are different ways to disinfect fabrics, such as washing them with a temperature above 60º, but this ends up wearing out the clothes and your tablecloths. “A very practical and safe option is disinfection through steam applied at high temperatures, above 98º. In this way, the steam brush and the steam generator become much more a tool for making garments look perfect. : it also becomes an easy and practical way to always keep them disinfected and, therefore, safe.


  • Avoid shaking the garments before steaming, as you could expand harmful particles.
  • Select the most suitable temperature for the type of fabric.
  • Also, adjust the time at this temperature: the lower the temperature (always above 98º), the longer the vaporization time.
  • The steam helps to “open” the fibers and favors the penetration of heat, which facilitates their sanitization.
  • Disinfection occurs thanks to a correct combination between the high temperature of the soleplate, the high temperature of the steam, and the amount of steam.

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