Tips for Organizing an Unforgettable Sonic Party

Hulk? Spiderman? Nothing! The boy party theme that has been successful today is that of Sonic. Yes, the same game that became famous in the 90s.

Represented as being a very friendly, quick, and courageous blue hedgehog, Sonic has been revamped for today thanks to the success of the film about the character released in early 2020. From then on it was not long before this new generation of children (re) discovered the blue hedgehog and put it as a party theme, leaving once and for all the screens (video games and cinema) for children’s parties.

So let’s check out how to make an awesome Sonic party?

Creative Ideas for Sonic Party


The colors of the Sonic Party are blue, yellow, and red, that is, a simple palette of primary colors. These colors can and should be in every corner of the party, from the mural to the sweets. You can choose only one or use all three. 


The main character of the Sonic Party is Sonic, of course. But there are others, like the eternal villain Robotnik or, as he is now known, Dr. Eggman, Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog in love with Sonic and the character’s great friend, Miles Power, a little fox over there.

All of them can integrate the party decoration and complement the theme. 


In addition to the characters, it is also cool to invest in the elements that are part of the Sonic game.

The main one is the golden ringlets. But you can still use emeralds that bring special power to the character. The game landscape can also be reproduced at the party. In this case, bet on the use of bricks, vegetation, and water, since many phases of the game take place in submerged or flooded places. Take the opportunity to insert sunflower flowers and coconut trees in the decoration of the Sonic party, two other elements that were always present in the hedgehog game.

Sonic Decoration

All these elements, characters, and colors can be distributed at the party through balloon arches, decorative panels, centerpieces, and, of course, on the cake table.

Rings, for example, are very easy to recreate and you can make them in several different sizes. Use balloons in the character’s colors to compose the decoration and take advantage of the guests’ tables to spread references to the game.

Sonic Invitation

Every party starts with the invitation and in the case of the Sonic Party the invitation can bring the colors and the character itself as a background

Do not forget to enter the main information, such as the date, time, and place of the party.

Sonic Menu

You can take advantage of the elements of the Sonic game to create a creative and original menu. Ring-shaped snacks serve both to decorate the table and to offer guests an entrance.

Cupcakes, chocolate confetti, donuts, and donuts in the character’s colors are also a good idea. It is also worth offering chocolate lollipops, popcorn, cotton candy, and various snacks. 

Sonic Cake

A party without a cake is not a party. So, go for the Sonic cake, betting on a pretty model to be exposed on the table.

For something more traditional, the story cake is a good choice. The American paste cover offers the possibility of realistic drawings that catch the children’s attention. If the intention is to use whipped cream, bet on the use of cream in the party colors, such as blue, yellow, and red.

For a simple Sonic cake, you can use rice paper to decorate and reference the party theme.

Sonic The Hedgehog

At the end of the party what the children really want is to take a souvenir home. The tip, in this case, is too neat it in a bag filled with sweets and decorated with the theme of the party. But if you prefer something that is not edible, you can bet on personalized bottles, for example, or paint kits. Children love it!

Check out more ideas on how to have a creative and super fun Sonic party:










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