The Most Wanted Crochet Rugs for the Bedroom

Is it really good to wake up in the morning and step on a soft, cozy rug? If you think so too, then you need to give your bedroom crochet rug a try. In addition to being very beautiful and cozy, the crochet rug still earns points for originality, since it is a unique piece, handmade and totally handmade.

This also means that the crochet rug can be customized the way you want, including from colors to shape and size.  Want one more good thing about this story? Crochet room rug can be made by yourself.  You are enjoying this idea, right? Then come and see all the tips and inspirations on the crochet rug for the bedroom that we have separated for you.

Knowing how to choose the crochet rug for the bedroom is the first step you must take to achieve that “wow” decoration. For this, follow the tips:


The crochet rug for the bedroom can be any color you want. This is amazing! Since a world of decorative possibilities opens up. But at the same time, all this versatility can end up making you even more confused. The tip for not getting into screws is to be clear about where the crochet rug will be.  For example, a children’s crochet rug can have more cheerful colors, in a true rainbow.

But if the intention is to use the crochet rug in the double room, then it is interesting to analyze the decorative style that predominates in the environment before choosing the color. In general, neutral tones are the most suitable.

Decorating Style

In addition to the color, it is also important to observe the decorating style of the room before choosing the crochet rug. A room with a modern influence, for example, can look amazing with a carpet of neutral colors, such as white, black, and gray, complemented with geometric figures.  For a room with a more romantic or classic decoration, a good option is the crochet rug of a single color and round shape, for example.

A boho-style bedroom looks beautiful with a crochet rug made from raw string.


There is no specific rule on the right side of the crochet rug for the bedroom. But it is good to always use a sense of proportion.  A very large room needs a rug to match its size, as is a small room that can be visually flattened with an oversized rug.

Positioning in the Bedroom

There are several places where the crochet rug can be in the room. One of the most common ways of positioning is by the bed, like a treadmill.  The crochet rug for the bedroom can also be under the bed so that the sides of the rug extend to the sides and forward. Here, the ideal thing is for the rug to “over” at least 50 centimeters on the sides and 60 centimeters in front of the bed.

Another possible configuration is the mat positioned only on the front of the bed.  The options don’t end here. Depending on how the room is used, it is possible to explore new possibilities for the crochet rug. A good example is when the room is used as a home office.  In this case, the crochet rug can be positioned under the table or desk.  In a large room, you can bet on more than one crochet rug. One, for example, under the bed, while the other can occupy the center of the room. In a children’s room, the crochet rug can be the perfect space for playing.

To evaluate the space where you intend to use the rug and think about how it best meets your needs.

Want more crochet rug ideas? So just take a look at the selection below:











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