9 Models of Simple Crochet Rugs You Will Love

Crochet is a very rewarding craft, even for those who are taking the first steps in the technique, since it is possible to produce beautiful, functional, and decorative pieces right at the beginning of learning, such as the simple crochet rug. This type of rug is usually produced in simple stitches, such as the chain stitch, the low stitch, and the high stitch, ideal for beginners.

And the best tip for those who want to start producing a simple crochet rug is to choose the type of thread and needle correctly. For this job, the most suitable are thick and resistant threads such as string and mesh. The needle must follow the thickness of the thread, in this case, the thicker the thread, the larger the needle must be. But if you are in doubt, you can consult the thread packaging, the manufacturer always mentions which type of needle is most suitable.

The colors of the rug will also influence the degree of difficulty of the job and as you are looking for a simple crochet rug model, the most recommended are the light colors, because with them you can easily see the stitches and can correct some quickly eventual error.

Also give preference to use a maximum of two colors, leave the rugs with many shades for when you are more familiar with the technique.

Our photo collection has every beautiful and easy idea to make that you will discredit. So, without wasting any more time, scroll down and enjoy the models below:











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