This is How Italian Spring Looks Like – Villa in the Puglia Countryside With Rooms for Let

The ideal rustic-chic Italian getaway has been already discovered the first moment we laid our eyes on the Masseria Moroseta, which is a working farm that produces organic olive oil. Since we saw the architecture, the whitewashed rooms, white slip-covered sofas and windows looking out at an open courtyard we thought we are not ever, ever again witness such a perfection. But now, everything changed when we saw another design by architect Andrew Trotter (the same architect of Masseria Moroseta).

He added another Italian getaway to dream about, and this time it’s the Villa Castelluccio witch is renovated in the countryside of Puglia. When you thought that things couldn’t get better, here we are again! Join us for a walk through this rustic and unique villa which will be soon available for rent.

Andrew Trotter is a mastermind and here we are to prove it! Enjoy the gallery!

When you walk into the yard the Villa blends into the landscape and is guarded by olive trees.

The Villa that has been dating since the 1920s-era has been transformed with traditional building methods, local materials, and details that are from the local architecture also. It resulted with a three-bedroom, three-bathroom house that fits perfectly within the olive trees that are actually a real Italian vernacular.

These double doors open outwards onto the gravel patios.

All these whitewashed walls meet stone floors and laid-back, linen-covered sofas. And now, on the photo below you can see that walking through the archway you get into the villa’s kitchen.

It’s so inevitable to see that the arched kitchen features some newly installed custom concrete niches and countertops for display.

*A gently tarnished brass faucet and a green splatter-ware jug.

Up here, we can see another arched doorway that lead to an outdoor dining area. In the recent renovations the inset fireplace has been installed.

The casual living area represents comfort that features a ad-hoc couch, low-slung, long-armed black wall light and a glass-fronted cabinet. Gorgeous, right?

Now, you’ll get to see one of the guest rooms, that features some simple, airy fittings and a black-trimmed coverlet.

When speaking of bathrooms they have custom concrete vanities that echo the kitchen counters.

We will end the tour with the renovated rambling exteriors, that have got an extension with a new outdoor kitchen and a long wall bordering the pool so it can offer more seclusion to the swimmers.

We absolutely fell in love with this Villa. Italy here we come! Are you coming?


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