How To Choose The Right Color For The Kitchen’s Walls

The color of the kitchen is a very important element in designing a home, influencing the mood in the room. Choosing the color of your kitchen affects the color selection for the rest of the home, so the color should be stimulating and relaxing. Here we present you some advices which might help you to choose the right color for the walls in the kitchen.

Red is a warm color, and usually warm colors are used in a big spacious spaces. Too many red color may look overcrowded, as this color in large quantities affects a lot on the people’s mood. Combine red with white or light brown to create balance in your kitchen.

Orange and yellow shades are also considered as a warm colors, but they are less intense than red. These colors match most with the traditional kitchen design. For kitchens decorated in modern design, shades of warm colors are the best choice, because they will fit well in the kitchen.

Blue and green color provide a relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen. These cool colors are refreshing and are very nicely matched with both: traditional and modern kitchens. Lighter shades of cold colors can be well complemented by darker wood in modern style.

Darker shades of blue and green color should be combined with sharp contrast to avoid monotony. Green color is best matched to red, while blue gives best combinations with white.

In your kitchen there is certainly more than one wall. If you want something extraordinary, try not to paint all walls with the same color. Use contrast combinations to create dynamics. Use warm colors, such as light red or yellow, on one wall and the other paint it in white or brown. Use some of our inspirational advices, and choose the best color for your dream kitchen!


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