Functional and Stylish 45 m2 Apartment That Makes a Perfect Home

Well distributed, well decorated, bright, spacious … yes, they are only 45 m² but all these qualifications can be applied to this beautiful home. Not everyone wants to live on many square meters. If we live alone and many people in our times do it, it is more comfortable to do it in lively neighborhoods and small houses.

That it is a small home is not incompatible with that it is well distributed, has abundant natural light or is functional, quite the contrary, it is especially in these houses that these aspects must be prioritized.

If the distribution is open better since we can capture all the light that enters through the windows of the house in a room and with this make it very bright, just like space, when throwing partitions, there will not be a square centimeter of the plant left without taking advantage.

The furniture will be versatile and light, such as the dining table in this room, consisting of a tabletop and two easels, which can be assembled or disassembled in a moment. The chairs can have functions in several rooms, depending on the time and the need, for example, that we have guests, we take them all around the table, which we do not, because we leave one for ourselves and the others we distribute them in the bathroom, bedroom or entrance to serve as a side table, seat or support point.










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