Discover 8 Modern Ideas of Spiral Staircases to Inspire You

Known for its spiral design, the spiral staircase has a helical structure whose circular shape is around a central axis (column or pillar). This model is ideal for those who have little space and need a vertical circulation for the transition of environments.

There are two types of a spiral staircase. The most requested is the complete snail in which there is no closure on the central axis, that is, it is completely closed if viewed from the top. The semicaracol is characterized by an incomplete circle, making them look lighter and cleaner in the environment.

What are the disadvantages of the spiral staircase?

Despite occupying less space and if well worked, it is aesthetically attractive, the spiral staircase has some disadvantages that must be taken into account:


The stairway design must be very well calculated to allow a more comfortable circulation. Otherwise, it will hinder the passage mainly of the elderly and children. Distance between steps and span should be considered

Moving objects

The movement of furniture between floors is much more limited when it is only accessible via a spiral staircase. Therefore, the preference for furniture that can be disassembled and assembled later.

Main materials used in the construction of spiral staircases

The spiral staircase can be found in 6 different materials, among them, the iron, which is the most common and can be tailored to suit different projects. Another option is concrete, also recommended for outdoor areas, being a resistant and prefabricated option to insert in the residence. The glass models use transparent material on the steps, with metallic support for the structure. In addition to these, aluminum and stainless steel are other options for working with light and modern material.

Other tips on the spiral staircase

Before starting your spiral staircase project, it is important to consider the minimum dimension for installing the staircase. For better comfort and safety on the step, a dimension between 60cm and 90cm is recommended. The height of the step will depend on the right foot the ladder needs to reach, but generally, the appropriate space is 22 cm between each step. The span is up to you – it can be circular or square. Remember to leave free space to slide your hands over the handrail.

The use of the spiral staircase must be well planned so that it brings benefits and makes a harmonious composition in the chosen environment. For this reason, accurate measures, location, and chosen materials are fundamental for good execution.

Are you unsure how to install a spiral staircase in your home? Check out our special gallery below, 8 amazing models with precious tips and get inspired here:











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