Decoration Ideas for a Small Living Room

Decorating a home is no easy task! You have to think of various tricks to stylize it just the way you want it. But if you are enthusiastic enough it should come easy.

Whether you are decorating your current home or have recently moved into a new one, the biggest problem is facing a small living room. This could pose a problem and an eyesore and it can mess up the whole vibe of your home. Thus, after organizing a move to your new home, you would want to decorate your living room first. It is the same for your current home as well.

And we have various ideas to help you do that.

Decoration Ideas for a Small Living Room

Shine Some Light In

A smaller living room can look much larger if it’s brighter. This means that you can let some light in to make space seem more pleasant and wholesome. Don’t block out the windows with big dark curtains. Put some lighter ones and open the curtains so the Sun shines in.

If the living room doesn’t have big windows or is not so airy, you can decorate it with lighter colors. Use brighter and appealing colors so you make your interior much brighter and subsequently bigger for the eye of the observer.

Add a Large Rug

A larger rug will work wonders for a small living room. Even rugs with bold patterns come into play as they will make the room visually bigger. The trick here lies in the fact that a bigger rug will not visually break the floor and will make the entire room bigger to the eye of the beholder.

With a larger rug, you can also anchor the space by adding various pieces of furniture and additional parts in the room. For instance, choose a corner-seating sofa and avoid the longer traditional ones.

Choose a Dark Paint Color

If you add a darker, glossy color to your walls you will end up with a more sophisticated look which will create a simple clean-lined look of the living room space. Generally speaking, the idea is to use the small space as best as possible and make it feel like a jewel-box.

And the additional trick is to paint the ceilings the same color. This will bring a sense of intimacy and by adding brighter furniture you will end up with a perfect and very wholesome look of your living room space.

Use the High Ceilings

If you have high ceilings in a small living room you can use the footage and surface space which lacks in square space. You can do so by accentuating tall windows with high curtains. This is a perfect way to take advantage of your vertical space.

Additionally, you can hang the curtains a bit above the windows that will add airiness and height. The curtain design should be basic, but you can expand on it by using extra fabric for fullness.

Decoration Ideas for a Small Living Room

Be Creative with Low Sofas

Adding lower sofas or settees in your small living room will create a visual effect of having higher ceilings. This is a trick that allows you to play around with proportions and scale. So, for example, you can add a smaller table next to a lounge chair. You can add some pillows to make everything comfier.

Paint the Walls White

Painting the walls completely white will open up the interior and make the living room brighter. So if you don’t have windows to lighten up the inside the white color will make things brighter instead. You can even add some artwork to make everything more eye-catching. Colorful pieces of furniture work as well but be careful not to overdo it.


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