A Chaise Lounge: In What Room Could They Work?

A Chaise Lounge: In What Room Could They Work?

The chaise lounge is an item of furniture most associated with timelessness. When you think about it, maybe an image of Marie Antoinette, or a noir femme fatale, or a 70’s woman in a disco dress is draped over it. Today, it’s been given a simplified and bold update. They can come in wild colors, with less detail, in fabric or leather, and ultimately just look like a sofa with an arm missing.

But they’re rarely seen in your average family home, so anyone intrigued by the niche piece of furniture might ask themselves: how do you style a chaise lounge? Read our guide to find out.

As another seat

The simplest way to use a chaise lounge is the same way you would use an Ottoman or a chair. The same rules apply. Your chaise lounge can match your color scheme, or buck it, for a bold statement. Or you can save the contrasting color for a rug underneath. Make sure it doesn’t look lonely with a table nearby decorated with a few pieces of décor to home it up a little.

To get a sense of color and style, it’s best to immerse yourself in the options available to you. Looking at discount furniture from Price Busters, you will observe the delightful range of colors, fabrics, and styles – from blue velvet to grey polyester, from ornate twentieth-century to more modern office designs.

As a viewing gallery

An excellent way to style a chaise lounge is with a view. Place it next to the window to give anyone sitting in it something beautiful to look at.

Or you can take up one of the latest trends in artwork and create your own wall gallery. Fill your wall with dozens of art pieces of every color, style, size, etc. and allow your guests an entire art gallery experience with a chaise lounge to admire from.

As a way to use space

A chaise lounge can fill a space in the room that is too small for a sofa or a table. It’s long and narrow but not as big as a sofa, yet it could fit at least two people if needed.

But the brilliance of chaise lounges is that they are something gorgeous to look at. More often than not, you might hear someone telling you not to sit in the chaise lounge. It’s for looking, not touching. So, it’s not uncommon for people to simply buy a chaise lounge and admire it as another piece of decoration to make a statement in the room, rather than as a practical buy.

As a snug corner

There is the aid that a chaise lounge is comfy but small. You can make a little reading or drawing corner with a chaise lounge. Simply add a few throws and some fairy lighting, get the tunes going with a speaker, and you can turn that sole piece of furniture into your own reading corner. A side table with a mug of hot cocoa or a glass of wine nearby will make it the perfect place to put your feet up.


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