16 Delightful DIY Christmas Table Decor Projects To Do On A Budget

Christmas dinner with the family is the best moment from this festive season so, let’s focus a little bit on it. We’ll leave the choice of food to you. Our job is to remind you that the Christmas tablescape is not entirely about food. Sure, food takes the center stand but adding a little bit of festive charm to the dining table is always a wonderful idea. You can achieve that in many ways using decorations such as festive centerpieces, decorative napkins, table runners, place mats and place cards as well as many other things.

In this fresh compilation of holiday decorations, we are going to show you 16 Delightful DIY Christmas Table Decor Projects To Do On A Budget. We want to show you that beautiful Christmas decor doesn’t have to be expensive and bought from the store. You can make just as nice, or even better, DIY Christmas table decor on your own, or of course, with the help of your family. We’ve included the necessary tutorials for these projects so you really have nothing to worry about. Happy crafting!

1. Sleigh Christmas Centerpiece

2. DIY Christmas  Table Decor on a budget

3. DIY reindeer centerpiece

4. Rustic Tablescape for winter


6. Simple Glass Jar Centerpiece


8. Glowing Mason Jar centerpieces

9. DIY Neon Pine Cone Place Card Holder

10. Make Modern Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees

11. Colorful Holiday Tablescapes

12. Wooden Box Christmas Table Centerpiece

13. Dress Your All Season Modern Decorations For The Holidays

14. 5-Minute Floral Christmas Table Runner

15. DIY Christmas Centerpiece

16. Snowman Christmas Centerpiece/Ornament


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