15 Lovely DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas You Will Adore

Making your home look amazing for the upcoming holidays is a joy of its own. It is a wonderful way to get the whole family together for some fun activities that include decorating your home in the spirit of Christmas. But of course, we’re not talking about unboxing Christmas decorations you’ve bought from the store. What we suggest, as always, is taking the time to look for a bunch of DIY Christmas decoration ideas which you can craft over the weekend with your family.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’re going to show you 15 Lovely DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas You Will Adore. These cool projects are very easy to complete which makes them perfect for a little bit of family fun. Even the littlest ones can help. They are also inexpensive and won’t take you too much time to make so you can select a few that you want to do over the weekend. As always, all of these projects have complete step-by-step tutorials which can guide you along the way. Enjoy!

1. DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Tree

2. Pom Pom Christmas Tree

3. DIY Peppermint Candy Bowls

4. Spray Painted Christmas Pillows

5. Snow Globe Terrariums

6. Polka Dot Paper Lanterns

7. DIY String Lights Garland

8. Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY Christmas Decoration Idea

9. Easy Ribbon Candy Wreath

10. Holiday Jar Luminaries

11. Rustic Pallet Christmas Tree

12. Garland Christmas Tree

13. PVC Pipe Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

14. Lighted Christmas Canvas

15. DIY Lighted Wooden Stars


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