16 Charming Scandinavian Balcony Designs You’re Gonna Love

The Scandinavian balcony is the unsung hero of outdoors design. It is a small space with huge potential especially if you live in a crowded city where vast outdoor spaces are a luxury not many can afford. But what makes the Scandinavian balcony design in particular so special?
The answer is in the origin of the style. As we all know, it comes from the Scandinavian countries as the name suggests. They are well known for their cold climate so many people don’t invest a lot in outdoor spaces. Instead, they build themselves a beautiful balcony that allows them to enjoy the very short period of good weather.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we are going to show you 16 Charming Scandinavian Balcony Designs You’re Gonna Love. Check out the pictures below and find out what makes the Scandinavian balcony design stand out from the rest. If you think this style could work in your home, then check out the rest of our recent collections that feature outdoor areas such as the Scandinavian deck, patio and landscape. Enjoy!

1. Södra Hamngatan 5B, Inom Vallgraven

2. Scandinavian Balcony

3. Riddargatan 28

4. Frejgatan 53

5. Scandi balcony

6. Terassgatan 13

7. Wargentinsgatan

8. Meteorvägen

9. Scandinavian Terrace

10. Sundsprommenaden 1

11. Hamngatan 13B

12. Bergsgatan 7, Koön Marstrand

13. Södermannagatan, Södermalm

14. Finnbodavarvsväg

15. Hornsgatan, Stockholm

16. Berzeliigatan 13A


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