16 Captivating Black&White Interior Designs That Are Worth Seeing

Black-and-white interior combinations, if are well-planned may look fascinating and never boring. In black and white combination if you want to gain dynamics you can play with different structures and designs.

How to achieve this?

Walls with different black-and-white patterns are easiest to use, but you can also play with the fabrics. Upholster you sofa or the other furniture that you already have, in a black-and-white fabric, and add some pillows, which can be in pastel or neutral colors, to add liveness to the space. They do not just have to be black or white, but add a new black-and-white pattern. Evenyou can play with the furniture and paint it on strips, circles, dots or flowers. But also beside that, in all this, it has to remain calm and clean parts of the space, that will make balance.

If you still like a bit more peaceful home atmosphere, then let one color to be dominant. It is much better to have a white base, black color should be there just to break the monotony. You need to have something black, part of a wall, a table, a pillow …. but be sure to have something which is a combination of black and white, that will connect the whole space. Also with black and white, you can add some color, it could be green plants or red vases with roses, a colorful pillow, chair, etc…


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