Which Colors Match Green Color and How to Use Them In the Decor

Fresh and full of life, green is a colour that is always on the rise in decoration projects. But, even with all the popularity, there is always that question: “after all, what are the colours that go with green?” Luckily, this is a question with many answers, as green harmonizes well with different colours, it all depends on what you want to create in your decor.

But we’ll give you a little push here, don’t worry. Below are ideas for colours that match green, in addition, of course, to many beautiful inspirations. Come and see!

Colours that match green


White is one of the most used neutral colours in decoration projects, precisely because it goes well with everything, including the different shades of green. The combination of white and green is fresh, invigorating, peaceful and relaxing. You can bet on this duo in different environments of the house, without fear of being happy.

A white wall, for example, is perfect for a green sofa. If the idea is to invest in the duo in the kitchen, try combining green overhead cabinets with a white countertop. The more closed shades of green will suggest a more elegant and sophisticated decoration. But if the intention is to create a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, it is even worth thinking about the combination between white and lime green.


Modern and sophisticated, the combination of green and black works very well in contemporary environments, especially when deep green tones, such as emerald, are used.

Just be careful not to overload the spaces with too dark tones and cause an unpleasant feeling of cramping and suffocation, especially if the room receives little natural light.


They say that grey is the new beige, thanks to its neutrality and ability to harmonize with other colours. For this reason, a grey is a great option for colours that combine with green, especially if you want to get out of the ordinary. The combination is modern and neutral, as well as green and white, however, grey adds more style and personality to the decor.

A green wall, for example, can receive grey cabinets or vice versa.


The blue inside the chromatic circle is the colour analogous to green. And what does that mean? The colour wheel allows the combination of different colours, either by similarity or by high contrast.

In the case of blue and green, the combination is given by similarity. This is because they have low contrast between them and also because green is a colour derived from blue. As a result, green and blue create a smooth and discreet harmonic composition, perfect for sophisticated modern combinations. To make no mistake, always prefer to combine the two colours from the same tone. That is dark green with dark blue or light green with light blue.


Yellow, like blue, is considered a colour analogous to green, precisely because green also derives from yellow. However, unlike blue, the composition between yellow and green is more dynamic and striking, being ideal for more youthful and stripped decorations.

The duo is also ideal for outdoor environments, where the warmth of yellow and the naturalness of green combine perfectly with plants and other natural elements.


If there’s a composition that’s in vogue these days, it’s pink and green. Pink is one of the colours that go well with green that you probably didn’t know about until a while ago. That’s because pink is known as a complementary colour to green. That is, unlike analogous colours, pink harmonizes with green due to its high contrast.

They have completely different chromatic matrices and that is precisely what makes them perfect for each other. It’s that idea of ​​opposites attracting. Together, these colours express joy, enthusiasm and a certain touch of romanticism and delicacy, depending on the tones used. The lighter ones, for example, are ideas for compositions in a country or Provencal style.

The more vibrant shades of green and pink are the right bet for tropical decor. Meanwhile, the more closed tones manage to convey the feeling of sophistication with a touch of irreverence.

Earth tones

And to close with a flourish the colours that combine with green, we could not fail to mention the earthy tones. The earth tones palette carries with it a brownish and warm background that translates sensations of well-being, cosiness and comfort.

When combined with the shades of green, the sensation is of full integration with nature, something increasingly valued these days. They enter the list of earthy tones that combine with green colours such as beige, straw, mustard yellow, burnt pink, apricot orange and the very woody tones of the furniture, for example. This is the ideal composition for those who want to bring rustic charm into the house.

Check out these 9 colour ideas that go well with green below and get inspired:











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