The Most Common Hot Water Systems Available For Your Home

Countries that experience winters the whole year or maybe countries that might be experiencing chilled winds now must be looking forward to a hot water system for daily use! Since hot water is the basic requirement for winters, everyone needs it. Not only for bathing but for doing dishes or maybe washing hands. Hot water has its medical benefits; hence in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the most common hot water systems available for your home.

The Most Common Hot Water Systems Available For Your Home

Before we start with the list, let us clear you that for a few hot water system plumber is needed. Let’s being with the list:

Electric water heating system:

Under the electric water heating system, the electrical energy goes through a specific process, converts into heat energy, and heats the water. It is a reliable source of heating. Installing this type of water heating system isn’t difficult but it might be expensive to run. The case can get even worst if it is used for the whole day long. However, installing an electric water heating system is not so time requiring. It can install in 2 hours or a maximum of 3 hours.

The only downside of this type of water heating system is that it needs electricity to run whereas electricity isn’t available in all homes, also you need relatively a larger tank because the water heating will have to stay hot/warm for whole day long.

Gas water heating system:

The gas water heating system works by heating the water present at the bottom side of the tank. When the water at the bottom is heated, the cold water becomes dense and goes in the bottom; whereas the warm water goes up. This whole process is known as convection.

Natural gas is the best option if you have the availability of the gas. It is a cheaper option and the most convenient. This is because the gas isn’t so expensive as compared to electricity.

Just like an electric heater, a gas heater installation doesn’t take much time. However, it is advised to install the heater outdoor but if you want, you can install it indoors too.

Heat water heating system:

This type of water heating system uses electricity to heat water but the mechanism is different. Under this, the electricity helps in transferring heat from one place to another. It does not directly produce heat. This source of heating water is considered more reliable and efficient as compared to electric resistance water heaters.

Otherwise, in simple words we may say that an electric water heating system extracts air from the environment, heats it, and then heat the water – just like how a refrigerator works!

The only con of this water heating system is that it can be noisy; hence annoying too.

Conclusion – Hot water is the basic requirement for every household; especially on cold days. There are several methods to heat water, few are mentioned above. You need to see your budget and then choose the option wisely.


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