Is White Still Trendy?

White still has a bright future ahead of it, it seems to me, for two very practical reasons rather than aesthetic ones. White when it is pure represents cleanliness. The white hospital, soulless but clean. The lack of a soul does not come from the color but the premises. White is also the most common color for rental accommodation. We have never been an owner. We probably never will be. So we have had some experience with the rental apartment.  In addition to this psychological dimension of color, white remains an easy color to repaint when necessary. there are so many shades of white out there, if you come to the store and ask for a white paint bucket, the salesperson should be able to help you without too many questions.


White has found favor in the field of decoration mainly with the Scandinavian style. A real trend which dates back a good ten years and which continues to please many of us. And if it always pleases it is that it knows how to evolve with the other trends of the moment. The Scandinavian base made of white and wood gives way to other styles in a lesser proportion. White, therefore, retains a prominent place in our interiors because it allows the evolution of the decoration without requiring even painting work. Currently, we find the presence of white on the walls in the slow style, the Riviera style, the tropical style … We will even find it on the walls and the textiles in family and classic atmospheres.


So far we have mainly talked about white as paint. This is not the only way to find this color in your interior. White comes into all the rooms of the house thanks to the furniture. We can think of the white sofa in the living room with a cover that goes in the machine or a leather sofa that is easy to wash. In the dining room, you can change the chairs for white models. They come in all styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary, including the designer reissue. In the bedroom, white furniture is classic. We will personalize the decoration in another way, using wallpaper for example. The kitchen and bathroom can also have white furniture. The cheap side of the furniture does not come from the color but above all from the furniture as such. There is furniture for these rooms that has a lot of charm even in white.


Besides, we find the color white in the coverings that make up your decoration. The white tiles in the bathroom are classic. And if the 15×15 format sounds boring to you, that’s okay. We can think of metro tiles or XXL tiles. White is used less often on the floor, at least in tiling. It lets see the slightest dirt. It is not the most practical in a house that lives. As an alternative, for some rooms, we can think of white parquet. We find him warm and sweet. The veins of the wood can be visible which gives the room a natural atmosphere.







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