What Materials Associate With White Color?


White and wood is a classic combination that has proven itself for many years. This set of color and material finds its place in many decorative styles and all rooms of the house. We can very well have a modern entrance with a wooden console as we can have a living room in the chic country style with a classic white sofa, a wooden fireplace mantel, wooden family furniture that has already been known for several generations. We are going to go quite quickly on certain combinations, especially those that we have seen everywhere for several years.


We change white + wood to stay in another natural material: leather. Obviously, the leather can be tinted but in this case, what interests us here is the natural brown leather. He too is warm. He too is associated with the idea of ​​robustness. We will mainly find leather in the living room.


While the Scandinavian style featured the combination of white paint on the walls and the light gray sofa, we’re happy to see more and more heather gray sofas. A less uniform, a little more sustained textile color. We find this type of sofa to have a lot more character while being cozier and enveloping. Heather gray textiles are in my eyes as tasty as leather, much less bland than light, plain textiles. The little extra of the heather gray sofa on the leather sofa is that the thighs in shorts or skirts do not stick to the fabric in summer. (Yeah, that’s the kind of detail that matters to us!)


We are at the last big part of this article dedicated to the associations of materials with the color white. And we weren’t sure what to call it. The term luxurious can be scary. There is an idea of ​​”not so common” and elegance. You’ll see!


White may be on the tiling, but the tiling may also be colored and be close to another white coating. The tiling we will find in the passage spaces when it is on the ground. When it is on the wall it is most often in the kitchen and the bathroom. In the latter, we can also take into account white earthenware.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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