A Complete Guide about Shower Stall

A bathroom shower stall is very important for small house. It saves your money and time. More importantly, It saves your area. Today, bathroom shower stall is getting popular. Especially, people like corner shower stall. You will get different bathroom kits at different prices. It is good to read about bathroom kits before purchasing. Now, I will give you the necessary information about bathroom accessories and stalls.

A Complete Guide about Shower Stall

What is a bathroom shower kit or stall?

A bathroom shower kit is a closed or semi closed enclosures. It is mainly installed in the bathroom. It is suitable for the people who has a tiny space for bathrooms. Shower stalls can be installed either multiple piece seal together or a one piece seamless construction. Both are good for you. It depends on the space you afford. Usually, one piece seamless bathroom stalls are good for new house. Because, it can be hard to install a shower through frames and doors. If you are planning to remodel your house, then a multiple piece shower stall is the right choice. You can enter the shower kit easily.

A Complete Guide about Shower Stall

What is corner shower stall?

The corner shower stall is fitted for all types of bathroom. Generally, it is installed at the corner of the bathroom. It can occupy the extra space of your bathroom. The corner shower stall has many advantages. One of the advantages is it can be changed into a sauna. You can include a massage machine in it. You can also include various types of bathroom accessories. A corner shower kit can be fitted in any bathroom layout. There are numerous designs and sizes are available.

A Complete Guide about Shower Stall

What is included in shower stall and corner shower stall?

A shower kit or stall includes a lot of things. It provides all the things you require for a shower. It mainly includes, a shower floor or a pan, a bathtub, shower doors and side panels. Many shower stalls has 3 pieces. The shower base, a wall set and the door and front frame. These shower kits are made for the flexibility of the consumers. It is necessary to check out shower tapware or head. Because, you can’t get it free. You have to purchase those kits separately.

A Complete Guide about Shower Stall

A corner shower stalls include a tray or base. It is fitted under the shower. The water drops above it. The shower enclosures and the stalls are situated at the front side. The corner shower stall is attached to the bathroom wall.


A general shower stall and corner shower stalls has the same benefits. The benefits of open and closed showers are described below:

  • Easy installing process: Both shower kits are easy to fit. Compare to tiled shower it is easier, quicker and cost effective to install.
  • Easy cleaning process: Both showers include a few seals and tile grouts are not present. So, it is not hard to clean. Please, remember one thing in mind. Do not use any bathroom cleaner such as, CLR. The bathroom products are not made for cleaning fiberglass.
  • Take less time to fit: It takes little time to fit the shower stalls. There is no grout work, less mess, no needs of cutting tiles and no tile glue needs to set. Thus, it saves a lot of time of yours.
  • Cheap price: Generally, a shower stall or corner shower stall is cheaper than tiles. You need to pay a lot of money to a professional tiler. But, you have to pay very less to a stall installer. Because, the stall installation process is easy.
  • Easy to customize: A shower stall is simple to customize. You can bring variations in size, design or color. The most amazing thing is that, you can do it yourself. So, it is going to be a good DIY.
  • Low weight: You require a heavy floor to put the tiles. A low weight simple bathroom stalls can be a better option. It is good for the house that has weak joist.
  • Preferable for small bathrooms: Corner shower stalls can be preferable for tiny bathrooms. It can perfectly use the bathroom space. It offers remarkable designs and sizes. It fits all the nooks and corners easily.
  • Less chance of cracks: The tiles can be cracked during any environmental hazards. But, fiber class has a less chance of leaking or cracking .

A Complete Guide about Shower Stall

How to find a better shower stall or a corner shower stall?

  • The quality: There are lots of bathroom accessories manufacturer in the world. The right way to select the best stall is the quality. Buy bathroom shower stalls from a brand.
  • Design and style: You can get lots of design and style. Just, take your time and select it.
  • Square or round base: Round base is good for corner shower stalls. But, it’s your choice to select it.
  • Installation methods: See the installation manuals patiently. Select the shower stalls that takes less time for installations.

Now, you can understand what is shower stalls and corner shower stalls. These informations will help you to select the right shower stalls.


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