Combining a Chandelier & A Designer Lamp in the Living Room

It can? yes, you can combine the two styles without the mix being ridiculous thus, without seeing it, the truth may sound like the two styles do not match, but you already know how interesting it is to mix, especially to mix well.

It is not about choosing different things because yes, the functionality should always come first and we cannot ignore the type of building in which we live and the time in which we do it. As an image is worth a thousand words, we invite you to enjoy this Swedish living room so that you can see how to mix classic and modern and do it well.

With those ornaments on the ceiling, the moldings and the rose window, the chandelier-style (or chandelier) that imitates an arm chandelier, hence its name in French, because the truth is that it is doing great.

But of course, the light emitted by one of these lamps is not enough for the daily needs of its inhabitants, so a floor or table lamp, a more direct point of light, was a necessary extra. Its owners, in addition to incorporating candles in candelabra, following that 15th-century style, have opted for the 265 wall light, which consists of a giant flexo, very versatile because it is adjustable both horizontally and vertically its reflector is also adjustable and tiltable.

This lamp is a classic from the 70s with a great design and total mobility and its modern lines, as they do not clash with the rest, don’t you think? It is clear that until you see a style you do not really know if it will fit or not, what we mean by this is that you be brave and that you play with the elements because it is fun and will make your homes more personal and different.







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