Advantages & Tips for Having a Guillotine Window

Windows are not all the same! And the proof of that is the guillotine window. This type of window has a very different opening system in relation to the most popular ones, such as sliding windows, for example. So, if you are looking for a beautiful, different window and full of advantages to offer, give the guillotine model a chance.

In this post here you will find many tips, information, and inspirations to fall in love with this window too, come and see!

What is a Guillotine Window?

Despite the name, the guillotine window poses no risk to the physical safety of residents. The reference to the guillotine comes from the fact that this type of window has an opening scheme very similar to the guillotines used to decapitate those sentenced to death during the 17th century in Europe.

That is, the top sheet is fixed, but the bottom sheet rises and falls vertically, opening and closing the window. To keep it open, hooks or butterflies are used to support the weight of the window.

What are the Advantages of the Guillotine Window?


The guillotine window is extremely versatile, both with regard to the materials used for its manufacture, as well as the possibilities of colors, sizes, and finishes.

All this versatility means that the guillotine window can be used in any project (residential or commercial) and in any environment, from bathrooms to bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen. Currently, the guillotine window has also gained space as a room divider, being installed between the rooms.


The guillotine window never goes out of style. She is always there showing her ability to adapt to the weather. For those who want something more retro you can bet on the use of old guillotine windows, found in demolition stores.

But if the intention is to create modern spaces, then it is worth investing in redesigned guillotine window models, such as those made of steel and aluminum.


One of the biggest advantages of the guillotine window is the wide opening it offers, making the rooms beautifully filled with lots of natural light. Therefore, the guillotine window is one of the favorites when the objective is to increase natural lighting. 


And if there is light, there is also ventilation. Lots of ventilation! The guillotine window allows a great circulation of air, leaving the environments fresh and airy. One more point for her!

Little space

Another advantage that should be mentioned is the ability of the guillotine window to save internal space. This is because the window leaves open vertically in a downward movement, that is, it does not overlap the wall, as with windows that have opening leaves, for example.

If you need to save internal space, then know that a guillotine window is a great option.

Here are 10 ideas on how to use the guillotine window in residential projects:












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