How to Dress Your Windows in Style?

Dressing up your windows is not always an easy task. Indeed, depending on the exposure of the latter, you may want to keep the brightness, reduce the vis-à-vis, take advantage of natural light for your plants. 

Today, we, therefore, suggest that you take a look at the question of window dressing and decoration with a series of decorative ideas and inspirations that you will love. You will find your happiness in this article!

1. Blinds for more privacy

To begin, we suggest you discover how and why to use blinds for your windows.

You can, in particular, opt for pretty boat blinds. These are available in all sizes and offer a very aesthetic style. Placed on low windows, they will allow you to dress them in style.

In your living room, you can match them to the color of your sofa or create a nice contrast by choosing them in a different color. A pretty pearl gray could for example echo cushions placed on a blush pink sofa.

For a more natural look, you can opt for a plant fiber blind. Wicker or bamboo, you can easily find them in all specialized stores. These will give a very trendy style and full of softness to your windows.

Finally, for a more refined and contemporary style, you can choose roller blinds. Matching the color of your walls, they will make them almost invisible in your room and will allow you to gain privacy once they are closed.



Curtains for stylish windows

Do you prefer the charm of curtains to dress your windows? Here are some ideas and tips for choosing them.

For starters, the big trend in curtains at the moment is linen. This natural fabric indeed gives an incomparable charm to the room in which it is used.

You can especially use it on your windows and bring a beautiful natural note in your decoration. You will find many models in specialized shops, so think about choosing good quality linen. In beige, white or gray, it can find its place in any room.

Also, note that linen has the advantage of letting in natural light. You will be able to keep a beautiful brightness in your room.

If you want a more blackout curtain, the velvet will be a very good choice. It is also very popular, you will find it without difficulty. It will also allow you to create a cozy atmosphere in your room. To avoid an overly stuffy look, think of associating it with a pretty white veil which will attenuate the vis à vis while letting in daylight.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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