A Bubble of Freshness in Bali – Baba Villa

What we like in Asia, in general, is that modernity meets traditional. And inside, it’s just as visible. And Indonesia is known for its rattan work, which is more than a trendy material. In Bali, it is not uncommon to find by the roadside artisans (often from Java) who work rattan and who create all types of custom furniture and decorative items. Indonesian artisans do not lack the resources to apply their know-how. In the complex of Baba apartments, lofts and villas, the art of rattan are omnipresent in decoration: table legs, wall shelves, armchairs, light fixtures… And this material makes the atmosphere of the apartments quite warm and contemporary.
Tradition and modernity are also found in the design of the premises to prevent air conditioning from being used too often. Natural ventilation is favored by the design of the building, the use of plants, the blinds… These are small details that are found in the local culture and that keeps an interior cool despite the heat outside and without resorting to exclusively for air conditioning.

First, the fight against plastic goes through recycling to create the decoration. Plastic recycling is a local process and allows you to create different decorative and furniture elements: tabletops, desks, stair steps are made of recycled plastic. Rattan and plastic are therefore combined to create new, more eco-friendly objects. the owners created an association to awaken Indonesians about the plague of plastic and to revive plastic waste.
But that’s not all! Baba Villa is also part of a zero-waste approach: showers and solar panels, soaps and solid shampoos made in Bali, bamboo fiber sheets…

Here are some photos of this mesmerizing villa located in Bali:






A Bubble of Freshness in Bali - Baba Villa








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