19 Fascinating Bookshelves Ideas To Adorn Your Living Room

Shelves for storing books in the living room occupy part of the living room and are suitable for large rooms, while the bookshelves and decorative elements suitable for smaller rooms, because they can be mounted on the wall or on the floor, can give a special charm to the interior. From brilliant shelves that are built into the stairwell, off to the shelf that stretch from floor to ceiling, we present you interesting shelves for living rooms, that will give you inspiration.

If you have a large living room, a big shelves for storing books are an ideal proposal, although they will occupy big part of the living room. For small flats and rooms there are bookshelves that can be mounted on the wall or on the floor and that will bring a special touch to your favorite corner. We have ideas for every room in your home, from embedded and floating bookshelf, to the colorful and highly imaginative library.


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