18 Exquisite Asian Porch Designs Your Home Needs To Have

Traditionally, the porch was built as a place to chill out during the hot summer days back in the time when air condition was nonexistent. It also served as an outdoors living room in which you could do pretty much anything you would do inside except that this way you’ll also be able to enjoy the weather.
Nowadays, porches are still used even though there’s air condition that can lower the temperature inside the home. But the lack of air conditioning wasn’t the only reason tht people would build a porch. A porch was, and is mainly built to have a comfortable place outside where you can pause before entering or after exiting the home as well as for simply relaxing or chatting outside.

In this new addition to our showcase of the Asian home design style, we are going to present you a collection of 18 Exquisite Asian Porch Designs Your Home Needs To Have. 
One of the first things that you are going to notice about the Asian porch is that unlike most of the other styles it is not necessarily built directly on the external walls of the house. A lot of times it is built separately where it can have a better view or surroundings. Enjoy!

Florida Gulfcoast Residence

Hanalei Bay Vista Estate

Henry’s Japanese Garden

Poolside Pavilion

Crescent Drive Garden Gazebo

Canterbury Court Custom Home

Classical Asian

Crystal Springs Road

Villa Alaska

1914 West Gray Street, Houston, TX


Asian Porch

The Asian Penthouse

Doncella Beach

Villa Mangrove View Indien Terrasse

Asian Porch

Christmas Lake Residence

Timber Framed Screen Porch


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