18 Amazing Modern Porch Designs That Do Extend Your Home

What is the purpose of a porch really? Is it to replace your entryway with a few seating options? Or maybe it is supposed to be a substitute for the living room. Well, a little bit of both, but not exactly. A porch can really offer you a different experience in a refreshing environment. It should be able to give you comfort on par with the living room but with a much better view and of course, a breath of fresh air. Alternatively, you can have a smaller or a bigger porch that can have many other features such as dining tables, fireplaces etc.

Welcome to our latest collection in which we’re going to show you 18 Amazing Modern Porch Designs That Do Extend Your Home. Take a look at the designs that we have made part of this compilation and you will have a more detailed opinion of the modern porch and its purpose and you’ll start to see how it all ties in with the rest of the modern designs. Additionally, you could check out our showcase of the modern style which is already focused on the outdoor areas with the last addition of 15 Minimalist Modern Entryway Designs You Would Love To Be Greeted By. Enjoy!

1. Screened Porch with Fireplace

2. Silver Falls home

3. Casa San Lazzaro C+T

4. Boardwalk House

5. Peregrine House

6. Lotus Lake House

7. LG House

8. Cove House

9. Modern Porch

10. Orinda Residence

11. Lake House Two

12. Sunshine Coast Residence

13. Birch Le Collaboration House

14. Modern Porch

15. Sonoma Private Residence

16. Funk Rd Cabin

17. Basheer residence

18. 11th St. Residence


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