17 Outstanding Ideas For Decorating Perfect Living Room

The living room should have a focal point or a place that will keep your gaze. This can be a fireplace, a painting,a lighting fixture, and so on. If you do not already have one, you can create a focal point, for example, an enormous mirror on the farthest wall, the TV can also be a focal point, but make sure that is properly positioned. The couch or the sofa is usually the largest piece of furniture in the living room, therefore, choosing a suitable place can be of crucial importance. Perhaps the best advice is to put your sofa opposite the door and facing towards it.

Make sure that the living room is balanced. Never set furniture only in one part of the room. Grouping of the furniture should be in the middle of the room, or at several places (reading corner, lounge, area with outdoor furniture and so on.). A perfectly decorated living room must have a phenomenal carpet! The carpet is a decorative and functional element. Before you buy one, define how you will use the living room and whether you need one, or more smaller carpets. Do not be afraid to experiment. The living room has to look comfortable and welcoming.

The last step in the decorating of the living room, is to set up decorations. You can set some beautiful planter, vase with flowers, interesting candle holder, etc. Instead of one central lighting fixture, you can select several smaller ones. Space can be also spiced up with pillows and blankets.


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