15 Surprisingly Useful DIY Bathroom Organization & Decor Ideas

Time to liven up your bathroom decor. Oh hang on, bath accessories and decor are incredibly overpriced. Well, we don’t want you to hurt your budget on something like this, so we’ll just show you how to do it by yourself for just a tiny fraction of the price and while we’re at it, why not do a few projects to improve the organization of your bathroom on top of adding some new decor? Luckily, we’ve got both in this compilation of DIY bathroom organization & decor.

Take a look at the DIY projects that we’ve inserted in this new collection of 15 Surprisingly Useful DIY Bathroom Organization & Decor Ideas. These designs look like the stuff that you would see with high price tags in most of the popular stores but why go for a fake handmade look when you can get the real deal, for almost no cost at all. So, just find the project you want to create and simply follow the step by step instructions. That’s all there is to it. Happy crafting!

1. Candle Jar Cotton Ball Holder

2. Organise Your Bathroom With Farmhouse Bathroom Labels

3. DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Replacement Holder

4. DIY House Shelving

5. DIY Bathtub Tray

6. Ikea Cart DIY Bathroom Organization

7. DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture

8. Tissue Box Cover

9. Leather + Copper Cup Organizer DIY

10. Crate Shelving

11. Wall Full Of Baskets

12. Vintage Step Ladder Detail

13. Dollar Store Bathroom Drawer Organization

14. Rustic DIY Bathroom Shelving

15. Faux Roman Shade


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