15 of The Most Welcoming Rustic Homes

Not long ago we made a collection of the top 10 contemporary summer residences in South Africa in order to give you some ideas about where and how you can spend your summer.
But we know that not everyone likes the contemporary style and the hot weather of South Africa. Some people consider the contemporary style as cold and they don’t feel comfortable with it.
Well if you are one of those people, then you’re on the right place because the homes featured in this collection of 15 of the most welcoming rustic homes are made in the rustic style which by itself means that they are warm and cozy, which is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable.
Another great things about this homes is their locations and how they blend in with it. Most of them are located on a mountain or by a lake which is surrounded by trees which makes the homes to blend in with the environment. This means that this type of home is perfect for someone who prefers a nice summer breeze over a desert inferno.

Feldman Residence

Mann Lake Residence

Lower Whitefish

15 of The Most Welcoming Rustic Homes


15 of The Most Welcoming Rustic Homes


Rustic Cabin by Lake Country Builders

Vermont Lake House

Angelwyde House

Chalk Hill Off-Grid Cabin

Lake O’Brien Cabin

Heritage Cabin

Vali Valley Retreat

Texas Vacation Cabin

Timberpeg Carriage House

15 of The Most Welcoming Rustic Homes


Transitional Timber Frame Custom Home

Storm Mountain Ranch

Rustic Mansion



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