15 Fresh Modern Patio Designs For Your Courtyard

Hello and welcome to another 15 Fresh Modern Patio Designs For Your Courtyard which we have made so that you can have an opportunity to gather a lot of inspiration and ideas to create your own design which you might want to incorporate in your outdated backyard or garden in order to update it and make it look like a nice place you would love to spend a lot of time in and invite your friends over for the wildest party or just for a coffee.

In this collection, we have featured modern patio designs which are all made in the most popular modern style that most new homeowners, or people who renovate their homes, choose nowadays. The reason this style is so popular is because it not only looks in touch with time, the simplicity of it’s design makes it look so elegant and luxury as well. All of those simple, straight lines and sharp edges, as well as the absence of accents and textures have a special effect on the overall look of the whole residence.

Modern Patio

Potreo Hill Modern


Tuscon Mountain Retreat

Hill Country Residence

bridlepath cabana

Bayshore drive

Toorak House

Santa Barbara Modern Ranch

Nancy Creek Guesthouse and Pool

a home of steel & glass around a central courtyard

Menlo Park Residence

Lake House Two – Patio

LG House – Exterior (Courtyard)

Modern Patio


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