15 Charming Handmade Christmas Pillow Gifts For Any Occasion

If you’re still browsing decorations for Christmas then there is a space in your home that still hasn’t been decorated in the festive spirit. Or maybe you are just looking for gift ideas for your friends and family that you intend to visit for the holidays. Well, guess what, we have the perfect idea for you, this time in the form of a handmade Christmas pillow that can make a charming decoration for your home or an adorable gift to bring to a friend or a family member. Unlike other, smaller decorations, the pillow can also be used as a Christmas sign on which you can have any kind of message or illustration that you want to tell to the ones you’re bringing the gift to.

Welcome to a new collection of Christmas decorations in which we are going to show you 15 Charming Handmade Christmas Pillow Gifts For Any Occasion. Just like our most recent collection of handmade decorations for Christmas which showed you 15 Adorable Handmade Christmas Stockings To Decorate Your Mantelpiece Withthis one also is intended for inspirational and motivational purposes. The ideas that you’re going to see below are great and your friends will love them. Enjoy!

Scandinavian Snowflake Pillow

Deer Pillow

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Pine Tree Pillow

Farmhouse Christmas Pillow

Deer Christmas pillow

Xmas Pillows

Deer head pillows

Hand-painted Red Snowflake Pillow

Reindeer Pillow

Burlap Christmas Pillow

Snowflake Christmas Pillow

Dear Santa I can explain

Christmas Tree Holiday Pillow

Deer Pillow Cover


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