15 Amazingly Simple Decorations You Can DIY With Leftover Wrapping Paper

Whether you are receiving or giving gifts for Christmas, you will have tons of leftover wrapping paper. With all those gifts being given away, there’s no way you wouldn’t. But you don’t have to throw it away. Be careful when you’re unwrapping the presents given to you and also make sure to not cut more than you need when wrapping gifts yourself. This way, the leftover wrapping paper that you’ll end up with will be much more useful. But what can you do with leftover wrapping paper?
Well, you can do quite a lot actually. You can make Christmas decorations, ornaments for your Christmas tree, gifts for your friends and various other decorations and we’ve got ’em all for you.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’ll show you 15 Amazingly Simple Decorations You Can DIY With Leftover Wrapping Paper. The projects that you’re about to see are very simple and easy to make and yet they also come together with complete step-by-step instructions that will show you how to craft them. Check them out because you will surely love to make at least one or two of these. Enjoy!

Wrapping Paper Mini Trees

Easy DIY Wrapped Ball Ornament

Wrapping Paper Festive Tray Liners

Paper Filled Ornament

Wrapping Paper Baskets

Giant Gift Rosettes

DIY Wrapping Paper Bunting

Shimmering Streamers

DIY Paper Star Medallions

Paper Scrap Light

Patchwork Paper Origami Gift Boxes

Wrapping Paper Placemats

Leftover Wrapping Paper Ornamen

Stylish Drawer Liners

Wrapping Paper Chain


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