Give Your Bathroom A New Look With These Items

How important are the details in the decoration? In any room, but especially, in the bathroom. In this room, where there is usually not much furniture, details such as the roll holders, or the towel racks, allow us to give a sophisticated and different touch to the bathroom, and also, without carrying out any works.

If after the vacations you want to renovate at home, and also, without spending too much money, here is a selection of high-quality designer items for the bathroom that we have found on Amazon with absolutely irresistible offers.

A ladder towel rack

Decorative and practical. A ladder-shaped towel rack is one of the aesthetic and functional resources that we can find to organize towels, and incidentally, give a new look to the bathroom by combining design and functionality.

The deco idea: In addition to hanging the towels, this type of ladder-shaped towel racks can come in handy to hang some baskets to store bathroom items, or even to hang some plants and thus get a natural touch to the bathroom.

An industrial design towel rack

If you want a designer towel rail, but smaller and more compact, here is yours. This towel rail is free-standing (which saves you from poking holes in the liner to attach it), and has been designed in an industrial style, with a sleek black powder-coated finish.
The deco trick: You can put brightly colored towels so that your industrial bathroom, full of blacks and grays, has more strength.

Towel rack and shelf

If in addition to a towel rack, you also need to increase the storage area in the bathroom, this towel rack with a built-in shelf can be great for you. Made of black metal, it has an industrial look and is ideal for taking advantage of space in small bathrooms.

The deco trick: take advantage of this accessory to clear the surface of the sink. Leave the soap or hand cream or toothbrushes in it. You can also put a plant to give some color to the bathroom.

Two for one: toilet roll holder and brush holder

To save space, gain visual cleaning, and avoid drilling into the wall, here is a bathroom accessory that brings together a toilet roll holder and a toilet brush holder. A two-in-one accessory made of wood and metal available in black or white.


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